About Us

Build The Bed is a brand new concept and brand which has been developed in South Africa, our factory was the first factory to manufacture memory foam products in South Africa. Our factory was founded in 2003. Thus giving us 15 + years’ experience in the industry.

We Believe

For far too long consumers have had the wool pulled over their eyes in the bedding industry. We the consumers walk into a bed store and buy a bed not knowing what is actually inside our beds and what we are actually paying for.

The average person spends a third of their life sleeping, therefore, we believe that you should have a bed which is as unique as you. With Build The Bed you are able to choose the build of your mattress, with our wide range of foams including Memory foam, Gel-infused Memory foam, Latex and high-density foams which have different feels. Build The Bed only uses high-density foams of the highest standard. For the bottom of your mattress, you can choose whether or not you would like springs or foam and if your choice is spring you can choose between a pocket spring or Bonnel spring unit. If you would like a spring free mattress you could choose one of our high-density foams which have 3 different feels at the bottom of your mattress.

Never Turn Or Flip

Build The Bed mattresses are never turn or flip mattresses and all our mattresses carry a 15 year warranty, some of our mattress builds come with a 60 day satisfaction guarantee and 5 year guarantee. At Build The Bed we believe that everybody should be able to choose the look of their mattress. We give you the option of 3 different looks and 4 different colours to choose from. Even the top panel which comes into contact with your body you have the option of having a quilted or un-quilted bamboo finish.

Custom Manufacturing

Build The Bed can make any size shape or feel mattress which you desire, we are also able to make his and hers mattresses (one side hard and the other side soft without any joins. One of our skilled consultants will help you every step of the way with expert advice.

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